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What is Glow TRD?

Glow Trading was established in November 2018.

We are engaged in trade, imports, exports, and the desire to "brighten Japan" in Kansai, and discover overseas products.
However, the world and Japan are still full of attractive "things", and there are many interesting things that have not yet been introduced in Japan, especially overseas.

We believe that the mission is to actively discover and introduce such products and brighten the future of Japan.

Glow TRD
C.E.O Tomoya Inoue

Glow's Mission


● We work with love. I want to love products and have an organization that is loved by customers.
● We will develop sustainable products, analyze and provide better products for our customers.
● We will form a tag with overseas manufacturers and aim for the best manufacturing.
● I will always go abroad and discover new products.


● Crowdfunding (Import business)
Implementation of Crowdfunding Project, import and sale of overseas products

● Agency sales business
Became Japan's primary agency for overseas manufacturers and developed in Japan

● Overseas reuse apparel import business
Overseas, import of used apparel from Japan warehouse

● Apparel brand wholesale business
Providing used brands and apparel products at wholesale prices

● Brand apparel sales education business
Providing educational programs that can grow as a brand buyer

● Various SNS Marketing Business
Support SNS marketing from actual to education

● Tool development business
Production and sales of web tools such as sales efficiency tools

● Warehouse, agency delivery business
Outsourcing of product management and shipping services delivered to customers at the cheapest delivery fee

Business information

Business nameGlow Trading
C.E.OTomoya Inoue
Date of establishmentNovember 7, 2018
BusinessImport business / Import agency business
Wholesale business, Warehousing business
Tool production, Marketing, Design business
Address8 Koyama Nishi-cho, Sonobe Town, Nantan City, Kyoto 622-0043
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