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Fire Guard Fire Guard

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  1. Just light the fire! Bonfire too! Also barbecue! This one!
  2. Ductile cast iron! A simple, cool and strong form shines in your outdoor life!
  3. Excellent combustion effect! Air penetration without the need for a fire-breathing rod + net shape effect











It ’s good to prepare in various ways, but it ’s a moth. When I forgot the Sverner and the charcoal couldn't be lit And above When I couldn't make a fire because I couldn't line up Is there anything like that?

Besides, barbecue and camping outdoors There are many other things to do when doing with a large number of people There is.
Even more so, if you are in a family camp, you can play with children, so you are very busy.

Surprisingly time-consuming preparation ...

Charcoal and firewood are the quickest way to cook them in order from the smallest one.
But I have to keep watching ...










The fire goes on in order from the bottom and goes around the whole So even if you put charcoal in it, it will ignite.




The handle part is hollow From there Air passage Because it is made, even if you put in dense charcoal or firewood, it will make a gap firmly.




Needless to say, this material is High strength and durability, of course is.
It also looks Simple design It's finished in a cool way and is irresistible for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Cast iron gear It has become.



Also for a bonfire Size that fits comfortably So it doesn't become a baggage Easy to carry is.



Not one-point centralized ignition Disperse fire in multiple directions Because it is a shape that does Easy to ignite Become.




The main raw material for cast iron is pig iron, which is a by-product of refining iron scrap and white pigments, and is melted at a heat of 1500 ° C or higher.

You can make products repeatedly by melting and casting.

The material used is All returned to nature Therefore, there is little environmental pollution in seawater and it will be recycled in the long run. (Constituent elements of cast iron are eluted and reduced to seawater.)



How to care

After use, ductile cast iron is compared to other cast iron It is resistant to heat shocks, so it can be cooled with water. However, please cool it without using water as much as possible to lower the temperature and store it.

If you are concerned about dirt, wash it off with water.

For regular storage, you can store it as it is.


Use scene


It can be used for all outdoor BBQ and camping.
With just this one, you can do other work and prepare, which will improve your camping life!



Vertical: 23.5 cm
Horizontal: 10 cm
Height: 8 cm
Weight: 800g


Q: Is it ready to use?
A: It can be used immediately after arrival.

Q: What is the size and weight of Fire Guard?
A: 23.5cm x 10cm x 8cm, weighs about 800g.

Q: Do I need to purchase the igniter separately?
A: It's okay if the igniter is 100 yen uniform or solid at home improvement stores.

Q: How durable is Fire Guard?
Since it contains more carbon than steel, a layer that does not easily oxidize the cast iron surface is formed, and (oxide film) corrosion resistance is high.

Q: How durable is Fire Guard?
Ductile cast iron is a strong material with increased tensile strength because the carbon crystals in the cast iron are spherical.

Q: Do you need maintenance?
A: It is more resistant to heat shock than other cast iron, but please lower the temperature in a safe place without cooling immediately after use.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: After the product arrives at the customer's hand, it comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.If it is an initial defect before use, we will replace it with a new one free of charge.
* Please note that the warranty does not cover damage or dirt on the shipping box (product package) when the product arrives, or damage or malfunction of the main unit by the customer.
* Please note that the warranty does not cover even if the product is damaged after normal use.

About the manufacturer


Fireguard Was created by two Mexican brothers and was founded by Brutal BBQ.

[Development story]
The two Mexican brothers love barbecue and barbecue as a distraction during the COVID 19 pandemic, but struggle to light the charcoal every time, looking for a safer and easier way to do it. I was there.
In Mexico, many people like barbecue, and I realized that everyone else was having a hard time and worked on development. We wanted to make it easy and safe for anyone who wants to enjoy barbecue to light a charcoal.
After spending a lot of time designing → prototyping → testing, Fireguard was born.