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Smart Zones Smart Zones Automatic Trash

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  1. It's too small to put anywhere!13 cm high makes household chores easier
  2. It's too automatic to be an education!The automatic lid opening will be an education for children to dispose of garbage, and it will be fun to dispose of it.
  3. It's too easy to use! In such an era, you don't bother to throw it away, and the trash can is next to you!

Full of functions even if it is small





until now Put it in a place where you couldn't put it even if you wanted to put it Can be done. A little bit of such a trivial matter Free from disturbing things Will be done.

Of course, it can al so be placed at home work desks, bathrooms and children's rooms.


Can be dedicated to 〇〇


Tissues, paper scraps, etc. For those who don't throw it away right away To For husband only For moms only For children only Such My trash If you keep it in the place where you always sit, you won't get angry anymore.





Stylish next to the bed You can put it in and open and close it without permission.
The open lid after about 5 seconds It closes to.


While watching a movie Eating sweets Then, just in case My hands are dirty It tends to be, but by hand Can be thrown away without opening the lid So you don't have to worry about it.



It opens automatically so children can It's fun to throw away trash , With sensor detection No more littering or leaving You will take the initiative to throw it away.









Charging time with Micro USB About 4 hours so About 90 days It can be used.
You can carry it to various places, You don't have to worry about running out of charge even if you leave it as it is.

Button on the front Touch only once Then it will be open as it is.
Switch to this mode when you don't want it to close Possible with one touch is.
To return to the mode, press the button again to switch.



The ultra-slim design is based on white, so you can place it anywhere without any discomfort.You can put it in the bathroom, kitchen or dining room. A trash can that can be carried outdoors.









Capacity: 4L
Weight: 700g
Charging time: 4 hours
Input power supply: DC 5V 2A (MicroUSB)
China License: 2019306633001

Bundled items:
・1 Smart Zones
・ One MicroUSB cable for charging
・ One Japanese instruction manual


Q What is the infrared distance for automatic opening and closing?
A: It will open when you get close to it by about 10 cm.

Q How long is the open / close mode function?
A It is open unless you press the switch.

Q How can I charge the main unit?
A: Connect the included USB cable to the main unit, and connect one to your USB adapter to charge.The charge confirmation LCD lamp glows red.Charging is complete when the light goes out.

Q Why doesn't it come with an adapter to connect to the outlet?
A This product is a global specification.I thought that by using the included MicroUSB, it could be used with outlets from any country.

Q:garbage Can you pinch the bag?
A It can be sandwiched from a plastic bag to the thickness of a bubble wrap bag.

Q Can the odor be reduced?
A Since it has a lid, it can prevent diffusion.

Q Is there a product warranty?
A Except for human failure, we offer a one-year repair warranty from the date of delivery.We can provide repair and replacement services for failures during the repair warranty period. If you need to apply for repair warranty service, please contact our customer center.

Q Can I wash it with water?
A:yes.The lid can be wiped off with a damp cloth, but the parts other than the lid can be washed with water.

Q: Is it waterproof?
A:No.It is not waterproof.

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About the manufacturer



We have been exporting water products such as kitchen utensils and bath products to many countries such as the Middle East, Africa, Latin Africa and Eastern European countries for 25 years. Taking advantage of that career, I made this trash can.
We have obtained a patent on the exterior and considered the interior design.
Chinese patent number: 2019306633001