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Ventir Back Pack Ventir backpack

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  1. New Era!An illusionary bag that can't be put together m or e than a one-piece 3-way bag.
  2. New idea! Connect and change bags.Change without hassle according to the usage scene!
  3. new function!It can be switched in about 3 seconds, and each bag has a new function.







I'm on a business trip today. Since it's only one day, is it okay to have one bag?
When I was on a business trip and wanted to check in at the hotel, it was just 15:00.

it can not be helped.

"It's heavy because it contains luggage"

I can't even put it in a coin locker because I have a computer in it ...

Is there something like this?


Today I go to the gym because I want to whip my body after work.
Ready to put in clothes and shoes for the gym.

I noticed when I got to work. .. ..There is a meeting outside.


"I have clothes and shoes. .. .. 』\

I'm going to have a meeting with bread! ??

Is there something like this?

The long-awaited travel day.
If possible, pack as little luggage as possible in a carry bag.For the time being, it is also related to personal computers.

Take a plane to the hotel and stroll around the city.
I have only the minimum required luggage ...

"a. It was one carry bag. .. .. 』\

What should I do. I should have brought a bag for a little bit.

Is there something like this?




The number of bags without accessory cases is increasing, but it is inconvenient not to have them. Do not use even if there is too much That's right.
Ventir Back Pack is just right, smartphone or mobile battery or wallet It has the minimum required pockets.

of course! CORE bag mainly related to personal computers So, so that you can protect your computer firmly Shock absorption pocket Also equipped.








Zip to everything YKK high quality zipper using.







Already Separate training shoes I will not bring it.
You can put your shoes in the GYM bag It can be easily taken out.


A lot of water bottles and change of clothes are also included.
Moreover. Like a Boston bag Gama mouth opening Because it is Easy to store Easy to take It has become.

Sweat-stained clothing Is attached to the inside Put it in the laundry pocket and divide it Is possible.


It also has a handle so that you can hold it sideways.






Toothpaste, chargers, earphones, skin care products, etc. All you have to do is put small items in and take them out as soon as they arrive.



Put your clothes in another bag Swap or Or put it in a bag Aren't you?

It is all right now!

TRAVEL back There is a bag for old clothes inside.
You can rest assured that it will not be combined with other things.



There is also a handle so that you can hold it sideways.


Use scene


For work

To the gym

For sports

For travel

To camp







CORE: about 748g 7.5L
BASIC: Approximately 399g 30.61L
TRAVEL: Approximately 998g 38.46L (when using the extended adjuster)
GYM: Approximately 698g 23L

About the manufacturer

Ventir LCC, is a family-friendly company based in NY.
We have spent the last 5 years developing this bag pack.
At first, I tried and errored everything from illustration to design.Create a sample if you can visualize it with paper or cardboard.We also conducted on-site tests to see if each bag had the design required by the user.
There were many things going on over the years, redoing and changing, but in the end this bag was completed.